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Development, manufacture and marketing of microwave radio solutions for point-to-point applications in licensed frequency bands, enabling the development of complex communications networks worldwide.

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Altium MX - Scalable, high-capacity, multi-service wireless solution up to 4xSTM-1/OC-3

DART - Economical low-capacity last-mile solution for leased line alternative

DXR 100 - Cost-effective, proven technology and maximum service quality in low-capacity long-haul performance

DXR 200 - A unique long-haul radio, cross-connect switch, integrated mux and voice/data interface in a single unit

DXR 700 - The long-haul radio designed to meet operators' most demanding needs for power and flexibility

Eclipse - Innovative architecture delivers maximum performance and flexibility for voice and data

ProVision NMS - The proactive management tool that maximizes your network assets

Synergy - The multi-platform, global program of service and support

Velox LE - License-exempt radio platform enabling fast network rollout

XP4 Plus - Comprehensive low- to medium-capacity PDH solution for mobile network interconnections